Our story

Stellar Projects was founded in 2013 and we have established offices in Auckland (Takapuna and CBD). We work in the Commercial, Infrastructure and Residential sectors. Our skills and credentials span the range of advisory, consenting, project management, design, construction and asset management, therefore truly offering end to end services for our client.

We have rapidly garnered a reputation for being extremely effective and delivery focused, and for having skills that are valued not only in New Zealand but also overseas. Our multidisciplinary team enjoy listening, collaborating with teams to find a solution or options, and then focusing on implementing effectively.

We now have a diverse and enviable portfolio of projects and engagements and our clients range from mayors, council officers, NGO's, developers, private and public organisations, residents and citizens. This has allowed us to provide better value to more and more people by leveraging knowledge and experiences from other countries, sectors, industries and projects.

Meet our Directors

Stellar Projects is led by our 4 Directors: Peter Everett, Michael Kwok (Managing Director), Lucas Nikkel and Benji Potvin. The combination of their successful career experiences and credentials has led to the formation of a consultancy that offers wide ranging services related to commercial, infrastructure and residential clients. Our Directors believe that this holistic approach to projects and its focus on how professional services are delivered is how Stellar Projects makes the difference.